Gain hands-on experience and training through our digital internship program.

How It Works

 Our fellowship program partners interns with non-profit organizations to provide them with much-needed technical support and resources. We allow students the option to choose between a variety of core subjects:

Our Core Subjects

Graphic Design

Create a variety of innovative design features for clients. You'll apply your knowledge in:

Social Media Design

Logo Design

Website Design


Create a digital marketing plan and execute a marketing strategy. Gain experience in:

Social Media Management



Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

IT Administration

Gain exposure to a variety of IT configuration and operation practices, including:

Cloud Computing


Email Management

Web Design

Design and edit client websites while creating style guides for documents and forms. Gain exposure to:

New Talents and Expertise in Web Design

Frontend & Backend

Coding: HTML| CSS | JS

Students Who Enroll Receive

1:1 Mentorship

Skill-Based Experience

LinkedIn Reviews

Letter of Recommendation

Join Us

Becoming a student in our program means working alongside organizations which proactively establish positive change in their communities. Join us in amplifying the scope of their impact while engaging in a collaborative atmosphere advancing positive change towards marginalized communities.

If you interested in helping support this program or partner please contact us.

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