Gain hands-on experience and training through our digital internship program.

How It Works

 Our fellowship program partners interns with non-profit organizations to provide them with much-needed technical support and resources. 

We allow students the option to choose between a variety of core subjects:

Our Core Subjects

Graphic Design

Create a variety of innovative design features for clients. You'll apply your knowledge in:

Social Media Design

Logo Design

Website Design


Create a digital marketing plan and execute a marketing strategy. Gain experience in:

Social Media Management



Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

IT Administration

Gain exposure to a variety of IT configuration and operation practices, including:

Cloud Computing


Email Management

Web Design

Design and edit client websites while creating style guides for documents and forms. Gain exposure to:

New Talents and Expertise in Web Design

Frontend & Backend

Coding: HTML| CSS | JS

Students Who Enroll Receive

1:1 Mentorship

Skill-Based Experience

LinkedIn Reviews

Letter of Recommendation

Join Us

Becoming a student in our program means working alongside organizations which proactively establish positive change in their communities. Join us in amplifying the scope of their impact while engaging in a collaborative atmosphere advancing positive change towards marginalized communities.

Are You a Nonprofit Seeking Assistance?

If you are a non profit in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area and need assistance, please visit the link below!

If you interested in supporting this program or partnering with us, please contact us!

Dope Digital Recipients